Dershowitz: Radical Groups Protesting My Columbia Speech "Afraid I Might Actually Persuade Students"


FOX News: Legal eagle Alan Dershowitz said that, even as a person who endorsed Hillary Clinton, Antifa groups and Students for Justice in Palestine regularly object to his speeches "because they hate liberals as much as they hate conservatives." Dershowitz appeared on FOX News to discuss his upcoming speech at

Dershowitz's book, Trumped Up, is about how the criminalization of political differences dangers democracy.

"Why do you think, given your background, you voted for Hillary Clinton, you've supported a lot of liberal causes over the years, why are they coming after you?" FOX News' Martha MacCallum asked.

"Because they hate liberals as much as they hate conservatives," Dershowitz said of campus leftists. "These are radicals who think they know the truth. They don't want to hear different points of view. In fact, liberals are their greatest enemies because we speak to some of the same constituencies."

"Tonight, I'm going to be speaking about free speech. I'm a liberal, I support free speech. They're against it. I'm going to be talking about Israel, the case for the two-state solution. They're against the two-state solution. They don't want to see Israel exist. So it's radicals versus everybody; versus liberals, conservatives, people in the center," he said.

"These students don't want other students to hear my view," Dershowitz said. "They're afraid I might actually persuade them."

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