Tom Bevan: Obamacare Repeal "Is Dead... Republicans Are Going To Have To Move On"


RCP co-founder Tom Bevan joins FNC's Dana Perino and editor-in-chief of The Hill Bob Cusack to discuss the "end of the road" for Obamacare repeal, as the latest iteration of repeal-and-replace stalls in the Senate.

"This was last best chance for Republicans to get this done," Bevan said about the Graham-Cassidy bill. "Reconciliation runs out on Saturday, allowing them to get it done with 50 votes."

"Susan Collins is against it, McCain is against it, Rand Paul is against it, so they are already at 49, with a couple more senators who are leaning against it. This thing is dead, and I think Republicans are going to have to move on. It has been one more in a series of follies. They just can't get it done. They can't even bribe their own members properly. They were throwing money at these people, and it kind of backfired."

"So the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare is essentially dead," he added.

"Rand Paul has been one of these guys on the Republican side who has just found every possible way to not say yes to this, he originally wanted it to be repeal and replace, then he wanted it to be just repealed, we have to vote on that," he also said. "McCain is another one who has disappointed Republicans in a big, big way."

"Republicans are going to put health care behind them. They've got work to do on tax reform. They don't have a whole lot of time left... I think healthcare is done, at least for the foreseeable future."

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