Bill Moyers on #TakeAKnee vs. Donald Trump: "This Is An Alien In The White House"


Bill Moyers, former Press Secretary for President Lyndon Johnson, speaks to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell about Donald Trump's anger and "narcissism" and how it's spilling over to now attacking professional athlete protests.

"This is an alien in the White House," Moyers said about Trump. "We've never had this kind of president."

"We've had bad presidents, we've had vulgar men in the presidency, but we've never had someone who suffers from the kind of malignant narcissism -- All politicians are narcissistic but some of the malignancy of the politicians, the president, do not spread down into the country and the culture. This one is happening very fast, it is almost like a campaign to chill free speech, to use it to divide and polarize the country. He's turned the Oval Office into a... mosh pit of bodily and verbally rhetorical conflict," Moyers said about the president.

"He is a very angry man, and all weekend he was angry at, in Alabama at Hillary Clinton again, he was angry at the football players, he was angry at North Korea, fear is getting the best of him," he added.

"He's brought the NFL to its knees, effectively... but the issue with Korea deadliest in a long time," Moyers added.

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