Bannon: NFL Players Should Take A Knee Every Night And Thank God In Heaven Donald Trump Is President


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon blasted "elites represented by Mitch McConnell" in an interview Monday night with Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity.

"They think I’m a bad guy. They think I’m a dangerous guy," Bannon said.

"I wear their contempt is a badge of honor. Okay? They have helped destroy this country. They have done nothing but allow economic hate crimes against the working men and women in the heartland of this country."

"The factories went to China and the drugs came in," he said, echoing Trump campaign rhetoric.

In response to a question about his previous statement that the Trump presidency he fought for in 2016 was "over," Bannon said: "It’s not gonna be over if we fight and help President Trump. He needs help. It’s the reason I left the white house. I told him I was going to go after the establishment, go after the establishment first and the Democrats later."

About the much spoken about NFL players kneeling for the national anthem, Bannon said: "If people take a knee, and the National Football League players want to take a knee, they should take a knee at night, every night and thank God in heaven Donald J. Trump is president of the United States."

"He has saved this country so much grief, he's done such a tremendous job with virtually no help," Bannon added.

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