NFL Great Burgess Owens: Anthem Protest Result Of Liberal Ideology That Destroyed The Black Family


Former NFL safety Burgess Owens appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the current NFL kneeling controversy. Owens said this is not a black or white American problem, "it's a Democratic, elitist problem." Owens called on players to stand up against the corporate and liberal elites in the NFL who are "using my race."

"My concern with this whole process is what the flag stands for," Owens said Monday night. "When I stood on the sideline I remembered getting teary-eyed at points because I was so excited about being there, I was so proud to be part of that process. But I also grew up in a time where 70% of black men were mentors to us. They were in the home, doing things they needed to do, teaching us that this country is the greatest place to be and to grow in."

"We have come to the point because of liberalism, because of what Democratic policies do, 70% of black men do not stay around. They don't have these parents and these fathers to tell them what they should be proud of and how they should stand up for this process," the former New York Jet said.

"We are dealing with an ideology that first of all bans God, has destroyed the black family in the '70s which we led the country in terms of the strength of our family unit," Owens told host Tucker Carlson. "They have destroyed our history. No one even knows about how strong the black American history was. And now they want to take away our pride in our country. And I think it's a bridge too far."

"At the end of the day, we love our country and we're going to make sure we stand against those who take away the hope of our kids. That's what these liberals are doing," Owens argued.

Owens also said if an employee decided to demonstrate during work time they would come back and find their desks empty.

"The NFL corporate office right here in New York City. How about their employees on lunchtime decided they decided they wanted to demonstrate. They'll finally come back and find out their desks would be vacated. Any day. This is what is happening, liberals at the top, elitists, they are using my race, they are bringing misery to my race and then using this misery to make sure they keep their power," Owens said.

"We need to make sure that we're standing against corporate elitists, liberal elitists like the NFL," he said. "I will be boycotting every single team that does this. But we also have as black conservatives get into the black community and let them see what the Democratic party has for years done to them. It's not a white American problem; it's a Democratic, black and white, elitist problem."

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