CNN's Brian Fallon: Trump UN Speech Was "Intellectually Confused And Outright Incoherent"


CNN political analyst (and former Hillary Clinton campaign press secretary) Brian Fallon described President Trump's United Nations speech as "intellectually confused" and "outright incoherent."

BRIAN FALLON, CNN: I thought that was one of many examples of how intellectually confused, if not outright incoherent, the speech was.

Think about it: In one breath he was urging the world to come together and collectively confront the threat of North Korea, and in the next breath he is chiding the world over the last time it came together and did rally as an international community to stop a nuclear Iran.

He's also withdrawn from the Paris agreement. He's gone around criticizing the United Nations as a body.

This is a guy who goes around thumbing his nose at international entities and international attempts to confront global challenges, and so what moral standing does he have to call on the world to act collectively against North Korea?

If you think about it, he gave a whole tribute in the beginning of the speech to this idea of sovereignty, basically making an agnostic valueless vision for how nations should independently decide their self-interest and let that be the predetermining factor, and in the next breath tries to cast the struggle against North Korea in moral terms, good versus evil.

I thought this was an intellectually confused speech, it was a strained attempt to square his America first doctrine from the campaign, with the reality of the global challenges that the United States faces. You can't decouple America's leadership role in the world from the democratic values that we stand for and that have sort of provided the undergirding for the post-World War II era democratic era around the globe.

I think it will prompt a bunch of eye-rolling if not literally and metaphorically of other leaders of the allied nations that he's gone around criticizing during the campaign and since.

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