Rep. Luis Gutierrez Declines To Apologize For Calling John Kelly's Service In Trump Admin "A Disgrace To The Uniform"


In an interview on Monday's edition of 'New Day' on CNN, Rep. Luis Gutierrez declined to apologize for saying that former General John Kelly's position in the Trump administration "disgraces" his military background.

"I could have been more careful with the use of my words," the Illinois Democrat said instead of apologizing.

REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ: Let me just say this: I could have been more careful with the use of my words and there are times that you need to re-evaluate.

Having said that, I saw him, as head of Homeland Security deport grandmothers who had been for 15 years reporting dutifully to Homeland Security with their American grandchildren. Heartless actions and increasing deportations against people who presented no threat. He said to me not further than this distance, ‘I’m the one stopping DREAMers from getting deported,’ when he was head of Homeland Security. ‘I care about them. I’m defending them. I’m protecting them.'

... It was a pretty heartless thing to do. So, yes you can always be more careful, and I will be talking more about that in the future. And you can probably choose your words more carefully, but having said that, it really hurt. It was really painful. And I think that we need to set a standard for everybody to move forward.

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