Maher: Sen. Menendez Shouldn't Resign If Convicted, I Don't Care If He's A Menendez Brother


On Friday's broadcast of HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher got angry at his panel, liberal thinkers Fran Lebowitz and Salman Rushdie, for saying if Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is convicted he should resign.

"He's got a trial going on and they may find him guilty in which case the Senate, I think two-thirds of the Senators get to vote whether he gets ousted for being convicted. But he doesn't have to be. You can stay in the Senate as a convicted felon, apparently

"The rest of them are unconvicted felons," Vanity Fair writer Lebowitz joked.

Maher argues for Menendez to stay

Maher said he doesn't care if the Senator was a Menendez brother, "he needs to stay in the Senate."

MAHER: Here's where it gets interesting. In normal times I would say, well, maybe the Democrats should vote -- he's a Democrat -- against Bob Menendez and say, you should get out of the Senate. Except in the post-Merrick Garland world where the Republican view is, you know what, whatever you can get away with. I don't care if he's a Menendez brother, he needs to stay in the Senate because if he leaves before Chris Christie leaves as governor in January 2018 then Chris Christie gets to appoint his replacement who would be a Republican. And one more vote could've switched the whole vote on Obamacare repeal. So do you agree on that, that they shouldn't?


RUSHDIE: I don't either.

MAHER: Oh, fuck. Really?

LEBOWITZ: I don't agree with it. It would be enjoyable, yes.

MAHER: But you just said they are all crooks.

LEBOWITZ: They are all crooks.

MAHER: So what does it matter?

LEBOWITZ: It matters because it was wrong, really wrong, what Republicans did about the Supreme Court. Like unbelievably wrong. And this would also be wrong. So, I don't think we should be learning from the Republicans.

MAHER: You know what, this is exactly why the Democrats will continue to lose. Because they do not know how to go for the jugular. They do not know how to fight on [the Republicans] level.

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