Gutfeld To Clinton: Shut Up And Go Away; Book Tour Is Punishment For Not Voting For Her


Greg Gutfeld gives commentary on the public resurgence of Hillary Clinton and her book tour on Wednesday's broadcast of The Five on FOX News.

Gutfeld said her book tour is like punishment for not voting for her: "This is what you get, more of me."

JESSE WATTERS, THE FIVE: When you see Hillary out there, and she is doing a great job promoting this book, it kind of reminds everybody, I believe, why they didn't want her as president, because she is not leader.

GREG GUTFELD, THE FIVE: No one has made more off losing than Weight Watchers. I mean she beats Weight Watchers, the Washington Generals, you name it, the Cubs. She's like the back of an old stamp, she's bitter and she can't get the job done.

I can't be nice to her after hearing what she just did. The things she just said is essentially she just did the 'deplorables' all over again. She just dismissed an entire group of people as racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic. Her slogan should go from 'I'm With Her' to 'I'm Withered' because she's past her sale date.

You know, in her book tour is essentially saying this is what you get, more of me. This is your punishment because you didn't vote for me, I'm going to your town.

Maybe she will go Wisconsin. If she can sell books there now, she can go to Wisconsin. She's like a reverse ice cream truck. Nobody is running out to chase her, they are all climbing behind the windows and they are all peering out the -- staring out the blinders, is she gone? I just find it very depressing and sad....

I don't know, I was kind of this is kind of interesting but after listening to that weird, stilted, manufactured in front of it weird background of her unloading this litany of like race cards, Islamaphobic card, homophobic card. You know, who needs it? Who needs it? This is not good for the country, this is why she lost, shut up and go away. ...

She can't come up with one example of homophobia. [Donald Trump] was for gay marriage before Obama was. You know who she is? She is exactly like Michael Scott of The Office. Remember Michael Scott, oblivious to the flaws that are on display for everybody. When he walks into the office he thinks he's got it made. Everybody's going oh, my God, he so resistible. She is so resistible but she has -- her entire life is a blind spot. The men she chose in her life from Bill Clinton to keeping [Anthony] Weiner around, through her friend. I mean these are massive mistakes that she refused to acknowledge. When you see it like this, again, go away.

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