Former GOP Rep. Nan Hayworth: Serious Republicans Must Play The Hand Trump Dealt; "We Don't Elect Presidents Based On Aesthetics"


Via The Daily Wire: Former Rep. Nan Hayworth joins 'The Michael Knowles Show' to disucss getting rid of the filibuster and how "serious Republicans" can work with a Trump presidency:

FMR. REP. NAN HAYWORTH: The filibuster is not Constitutionally required...

People will say in praise of the filibuster, or justification, that the Senate is supposed to be a Great Deliberative Body, to which I respond: Absolutely. Well guess what? Over most of the 20th century and into the 21st, we have asked the federal government to do vastly more than its original portfolio. So, we were never meant by the framers to be waiting on the Senate to reach consensus about matters that have to do with how citizens conduct their lives -- mainly pensions and benefits, housing...

We've got to play this quarter. We may not have a game after this. If they don't break the filibuster... they are never going to reach a apckage that will have fiscally responsible reforms that we really do need... We need Republicans to pass this thing. I don't want to exclude Democrats, but I don't want them to obstruct. We are never going to get there unless they get rid of the filibuster for legislation...

MICHAEL KNOWLES: You have to play the hand you're dealt, you have to play the cards in front of you. Politics is not about imagining how lovely it would be if something else had happened, or if we lived in a different universe where Donald Trump was polite and nice and behaved himself at cocktail parties... You supported Trump, perhaps as the most educated member of [the Republican Congressional conference]... I really admire this, because you come from circles that would be considered 'educated,' 'elite,' 'intelligent,' 'socially refined,' and you put your political goals and political hopes for the country in front of your own image. And your own sense of associating with a man who many consider uncouth.

HAYWORTH: President Trump represented to me by far the better alternative for all of us. And he is someone who has acknowledged the advice abd counsel of Larry Kudlow, Stephen Moore... people who have the best ideas on how to move us forward in terms of fiscal policy. I know they are not the only voices the president has heard, but I know this quite firmly: Hillary Clinton would have given them no credence.

If it is a matter of aesthetics, the president is blunt, forthright, sometimes says things that others might find objectionable... but we don't elect a president based on aesthetics.

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