Tucker Carlson Interviews Dave Rubin About "Ominous" Google De-Monetizing YouTube Videos


Tucker Carlson interviews popular YouTuber Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, on Thursday's edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the FOX News Channel. Google, YouTube's parent company, has demonetized many of his videos.

TUCKER CARLSON: A lot of people now make a living off of YouTube. It's the world's most popular video site by far, it's a subsidiary by Google. Increasingly, Google seems to be letting politics dictate who is allowed to make money from the platform. Dave Rubin hosts a very popular show called The Rubin Report.

Recently, a whole bunch of Rubin's videos were demonetized. That's the word that YouTube uses when they tell you you can't make money from them anymore. Why did that happen? Dave Rubin joins us tonight. Explain what exactly happened, this has happened to other people. It sounds ominous. What does it mean and why did they decide to do this?

DAVE RUBIN: I think most importantly, the reason why I agreed to do this show with you tonight, Tucker, is that I am on that platform, the YouTube platform, and I want that platform to work. I want it to be all of the things for all of the creators who put their content out there across the board politically or whether you are doing community videos or sports videos or politics videos or anything else. I wanted to be treated fairly for everybody and be transparent in what it is.

The word "demon" is in demonetized and I can tell you as someone who is dealing with some of this stuff is that it appears at least that there is some pretty shady stuff going on. Look, I don't want to fight Google and YouTube. There's a biblical story of David versus Goliath, I don't want to be Dave versus Google because it probably won't work out as well for me. But my show, we do a talk show based on big ideas, sort of an old school Larry King-esque style, and I talk to people all over the political map. Many of them are conservative friends of yours, then I have progressives and lefties and I talk about religion and science and all of this stuff. And our videos, our back catalog, just lately -- I was off the grid, which is where this beard came from, for a month. But just lately, our videos, almost our entire back catalog has been demonetized.

And I'm talking about videos where we're talking about God and morality, or we're talking about basic stuff about the election, or even today, the video that I posted, one video today, it was with a YouTuber by the name of Philip DeFranco, who is one of the original YouTubers, the guy has about 6 million subscribers, really, really interesting guy that I'm sure many of your audience knows. They demonetized that. This is with one of their top creators who has been on there forever. So, look, I don't exactly what is going on behind the scenes but I know that a lot of creators are upset.

CARLSON: Well I think that's right. We got a statement from YouTube, and it contradicts what you just said. It said that over 90% of the videos on The Rubin Report are fully monetized. The remaining 10% are not because they contain discussions of adult topics, pornography, ISIS. These are topics which many advertisers find objectionable. What's your response?

RUBIN: Okay, I said I don't want to do a David versus Goliath thing here but that's simply not true. I'm telling you right now as we went to air, I have an iPhone here, it's a very fancy thing, the video that I posted this morning with Philip DeFranco. I can tell you about videos that I did with many people who are mainstream people who appear even on FOX, like Ben Shapiro and Larry Elder. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who I think is the greatest human rights hero that we have on earth,

CARLSON: She is, I agree.

RUBIN: I can talk about Bishop Robert Barron, from the Archdiocese in L.A. where I talked about religion, People I agree with, people I disagree with. By the way, I don't think I'm necessarily being singled out here, I think this is an across the board problem.

CARLSON: And those videos have been demonetized?

RUBIN: Yes, absolutely.

CARLSON: The videos you just mentioned.

RUBIN: Yeah, and Tucker I'm not B.S.'ing you here.

CARLSON: No, I believe you.

RUBIN: I even asked before we started can we make sure. So I don't know why they issued that strange statement. I'm glad that there is some communication, though, because unfortunately the lack of transparency there, it took me about two years to get on the phone with them. I finally did about two weeks ago and I didn't get any real answers.

CARLSON: Scary. Apparently, Jason Whitlock got demonetized too from FOX Sports who is a frequent guest and a friend of this show. Dave, good luck, we're certainly rooting for you, and I hope you'll come back when you get to the bottom of what's going on. Somebody needs to keep track of what Google is doing and we hope you do that.

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