GOP Rep. Duffy: Trump "Empowered Democrats," Schumer "Doesn't Want to Make America Great Again"


Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) talked about President Trump's debt ceiling deal with Democratic Congressional leaders in an interview on FOX Business' Mornings with Maria today.

"I thought it was a bad deal," Duffy told host Maria Bartiromo. "Here's what the President did, he thinks he’s clearing the deck in saying well let’s get the debt limit and funding the government off our plate for the short term, but what he really did was he moved it only three months down the line when actually tax reform is going to be the hottest."

"He's actually empowered Democrats, he’s given Democrats incredible leverage to effectively wreak havoc on tax reform. So I know everyone sits back and applauds him, Democrats love that he’s gone to Democrats for support, and there are some Republicans that no matter what the President will do they’ll support him. This was a bad deal, this was a foolish deal, he shot from the hip and he missed the target, and I think he thinks it’s great now, but you guys all wait, when we’re trying to do this big issues that we promised, this is going to come blow back right in our face and it’s going to be a big problem," Duffy said.

"The President basically snapped his fingers and goes I’m going to cut a deal with Chuck [Schumer]. By the way, Chuck doesn’t want to make America great again, Chuck is never going to be with you to reduce taxes and fix healthcare and reduce government regulation. Chuck will never be a good partner for you," he said.

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