John Kasich Invites DREAMers To Live In Ohio: "Congress Has Six Months, It Should Take, Like, Six Hours To Get This Done"


Ohio Gov. John Kasich appeared on CBS's 'This Morning' on Wednesday to invite the roughly 800,000 'DREAMers' to live in Ohio, if Congress can not come to an agreement to

GOV. JOHN KASICH: Could you imagine that we're taking kids who came here -- they had nothing to do with the fact that they were brought here -- they have become a very significant part of our society. In fact, as we know, they have been in Houston providing aid to the people who are in trouble. one of the DACA kids actually lost his life trying to help people, and now we are going to put them in jeopardy. Imagine if you were one of them, one of these young people striving to be a part of America and make something of yourself, and all of a sudden somebody tells you one day you may be deported to a country you know nothing about.

We want them in America. So now you've got the Congress, has six months. It should take like six hours to get this done... Think about this! This is a United States of America, and we're putting kids, young people, who are contributors in jeopardy. This is not the America that we all love...

And by the way, if the DREAMers want to come somewhere, and live, come to Ohio.

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