Michael Hayden: North Korea Is Predictable; "The Unpredictable Actor Has Been Us"


Former NSA and CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden says that he was not surprised by North Korea's hydrogen bomb test and says that he still believes President Trump has a reasonable, yet "inartfully executed" plan for dealing with Pyongyang.

GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN (RET): I think our policy is to impress upon the Chinese how seriously we view this. North Korea has been on a long and predictable arc. The unpredictable actor has been us. We have actually acted with more 'sound and fury' than I think the Chinse are accustomed to.

I think we've done that with purpose -- in essence, to discomfort the Chinese with the current situation...

DANA BASH, CNN: But it hasn't worked?

HAYDEN: Not so far, and it is not cost-free, again. 18-24 months ago I pointed out that we'd probably we where we are now... we would be there almost certainly within our current definition of acceptable risk.

Clearly what the Trump administration has elected to do is to accept a bit more risk, be a bit more activist, be a bit more destabilizing of the peace on the penninsula.

Not to influence the North Koreans -- they are not influenceable -- but to influence the Chinese.

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