MSNBC's Halperin: Mueller "Is A Relentless Opponent," "Fearless And Not Afraid Of Donald Trump"


On Morning Joe, MSNBC commentator Mark Halperin discusses this report in POLITICO which claims special investigator Robert Mueller is working with the New York Attorney General. Halperin says Mueller is a smooth operator, "a cyborg with a head, a heart, and a brain."

MARK HALPERIN: Mueller is a cyborg with a head, a heart, and a brain.

This is an opponent unlike anything Donald Trump... He is a relentless opponent. One of the underestimated aspects of how he is building this operation (I think), is his ability to coordinate...

He's coordinating within the Justice Dept. and the FBI. You don't hear any unhappiness coming from there.

And now he is coordinating with another guy with subpoena power [the N.Y. state A.G.], another guy who is fearless and not afraid of Donal dTrump, who can bring charges that the president can't pardon for...

We are seeing through a glass darkly what this Mueller operation is like -- we see onyl a tiny bit of it. But it is clear from everything we see there is a strategy here... and a level of coordination that puts anyone who wants to help the president into a very defensive position.

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