Dan Rather: "Hurricane Vladimir" Is "Approaching Category Four" For Trump Presidency


On Wednesday's edition of 'All In With Chris Hayes,' former CBS News anchor Dan Rather discusses the president's "fear" over the investigation into his alleged ties to Russia.

DAN RATHER: This is unique like so much with President Trump's presidency. First of all, we have never had a first-term president get off to such a chaotic, unsteady start as this. The general pattern is the president is most popular when he first comes into office and then in the nature of things, his popularity declines.

But what you're seeing with President Trump -- and I think it's very clear, Chris -- it's not a Democrat or Republican assessment. It's not a biased assessment. It is just looking at what is happening here.

Donald Trump is afraid. He's trying to exude power and strength. He's afraid of something that Mueller and the prosecutors are going to find out...

A political hurricane is out there at sea for him, we'll call it Hurricane Vladimir if you will, the whole Russian thing.

It's still pretty far out at sea, but each day... this hurricane, this political hurricane... is building in intensity. It started as a category one, now it is a two. It is approaching category four. I don't want to stretch this metaphor too far, but that's what is on Donald Trump's mind.

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