Mike Rowe Responds To Critic Who Accuses Him Of Supporting 'White Supremacy'


'Dirty Jobs' host Mike Rowe joined FNC's Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to discuss his response to an online critic who said he caters to "white nationalism" simply by being a-political. He also has a new show out called 'Returning The Favor,' which you can watch here.

The post in question:

He told Tucker that because "everything is politicized" today, he doesn't often respond to such attacks, but he felt he needed to expose the flawed reasoning.

"This guy conflated racism with politics with my foundation - and really in a tautological way. He insulted five million of my friends and supporters," Rowe said.

"Republicans love you, conservatives love you, ergo white nationalists love you because you've remained silent in the face of recent events. You're tacitly endorsing their love of bad things," he continued. "That's crazy."

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