Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Can Anyone Deny That Women Enjoy Greater Freedom In The U.S. Than In Saudi Arabia?


Via Prager U: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somalia-born human rights activist who now teaches at Harvard University, discusses the role of Judeo-Christian civilization in promoting the rights of women, and discusses the oppression she and other women like her experienced in totalitarian Islamic countries.

"There are still hundreds of millions of people that live in a culture --the Islamic for instance -- that takes female inferiority for granted," she explained.

"Until recently these cultures were, for the most part, separated. But that is changing dramatically so," she also said.

"The situation for women in the West is not perfect, but can anyone truly deny that women enjoy greater rights and opportunities in the U.S., France, and Finland, than they do in Iran, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia?"

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