CNN's Zeleny: No "Empathy" From "Showman" Trump In Texas Visit; Did Not Offer Hugs, Hope


CNN's Jeff Zeleny said Tuesday that President Trump showed a lack of empathy in his visit to Corpus Christi earlier to see the damage laid by Hurricane Harvey in southeast Texas. Zeleny reported the president did not offer hugs or "much hope" and that he talked more about business than he did people.

"That is so interesting because President Trump, of course, is a showman and familiar with how stage crafting and television work," Zeleny said.

Zeleny, a journalist, said he was "so struck by" how the president's "words simply did not match the devastation of the pictures."

"He did not offer any hugs," Zeleny lamented. "He did not offer much hope. He talked about businesses more than individual people. He did not respond or react to that very emotional response from the chief of police in Houston about one of the officers dying here."

The CNNer said Trump's visit to Corpus Cristi would be something he will "be graded on indeed for weeks, months, perhaps years to come."

"It was definitely a test of presidential leadership, the first moment here, but there is no sudden gratification from something like this," he said. "This challenge of major magnitude here. This is something that the president will be graded on indeed for weeks, months, perhaps years to come here."

Zeleny acknowledged while Texas Senators Cruz and Cornyn said Trump did show interest, "empathy did not seem there."

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