Ben Shapiro: If Things Went Wrong In Texas And Trump Was To Blame, Media Would Never Stop Attacking


On Monday's edition of 'The Ben Shapiro Show,' the host comments that the media's focus on Presdent Trump's tweets regarding Hurricane Harvey proves that the federal government is effectively dealing with the disaster.

"This sort of wonderment from Trump is not good tactics or great politics. You don't really want to spend a lot of time in the middle of a storm talking about 'Wow! This is historic!' You should be theoretically prjecting a sense of calm, not saying 'Wow! Look at that rain!'" Shapiro said.

"But that has really been the only criticism of Trump, which demonstrates that he is actually doing a pretty good job with this, he hasn't done anything wrong. Can you imagine if Trump were doing a bad job? Remember Hurricane Katrina? It wasn't even the federal government's responsibility, and they responded in a relatively prompt fashion... and they blamed Bush for it," he continued.

"Can you imagine if things went wrong in Texas and Trump was to blame? It woudl be insane. The media would never stop, they would never stop. But Trump hasn't done a bad job with this because he allowed his administrators to do what they had to do... and the federal government is doing what it is supposed to do here," he also said.

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