Trump: One Way Or The Other Mexico Is Going To Pay For The Wall


In a joint press conference with the Finland President Sauli Niinisto, President Trump said: "one way or another Mexico will pay for the wall."

REPORTER: If I may follow up on one other question from earlier...


QUESTION: ... the southern border wall, is your plan still to have Mexico pay for the wall?

TRUMP: Yes, it will. One way or the other, Mexico's going to pay for the wall. That's right.



TRUMP: It may be through reimbursement, but one way or the other, Mexico will pay for the wall.

We're right now negotiating NAFTA. In my opinion, Mexico's been very difficult, as they should be. Why wouldn't they be? They had a sweetheart deal for so many years. It's one of the great deals of all time for them, one of the worst trade deals ever signed.

I guarantee you, Mr. President, Finland would never have signed NAFTA with Russia, or whoever you wanted to. This is not a deal that you would want to sign. This is not a deal that Finland would know about.


NAFTA is one of the worst trade deals ever signed at any time, anywhere in the world. And I can understand why Mexico is being difficult, because why wouldn't they be? They've had it their way.

But, you know, Mexico will pay for the wall. It may be through reimbursement.

We need the wall very badly. As you know, Mexico has a tremendous crime problem. Tremendous. One of the -- number two or three in the world. And that's another reason we need it.

And the -- just to add on, tremendous drugs are pouring into the United States at levels that nobody's ever seen before. This happened over the last three to four years in particular. The wall will stop much of the drugs from pouring into this country and poisoning our youth.

So we need the wall. It's imperative. We may fund it through the United States, but ultimately Mexico will pay for the wall.

QUESTION: Sir, if I may follow up, on Tuesday you said, "If we have to close down our government, we are building that wall."

TRUMP: Well, I hope that's not necessary. Let me -- let me just tell you...

QUESTION: If Mexico is paying for the wall, why would we close down our government?

TRUMP: ... yeah.

I hope that's not necessary. If it's necessary, we'll have to see. But I hope it's not necessary.

The wall is needed from the standpoint of security. The wall is needed from the standpoint of drug -- tremendous the drug scourge, what's coming through and the -- through that area -- through the areas that we're talking about.

As you know, I have General Kelly here. We stopped traffic coming through, 78 percent. It's going to be, I think, 81 percent this quarter, which is a record.

In other administrations, if they stopped it just a little bit, like 1 or 2 or 3 percent, they consider that a great thing. We're up to almost 80 percent. We'll soon be over 80 percent.

But you need the wall to do the rest. And you need the wall for the drugs. The drugs are a tremendous problem. The wall will greatly help with the drug problem. And ultimately, that's a good thing for Mexico also.

We have a very good relationship with Mexico, but I will say that dealing with them -- I've always said -- I've talked about NAFTA, you've heard me many times, and I've said that we will either terminate it or renegotiate it. We're in the process of renegotiating right now -- renegotiating the deal.

I believe that you will probably have to at least start the termination process before a fair deal can be arrived at, because it's been a one-sided deal. And this includes Canada, by the way. Great respect for Canada. Great love for Canada. But it's been a one-sided deal for Canada and for Mexico.

And the United States workers, all of these incredible people who have lost their jobs because of NAFTA, they're not going to be suffering any longer. It's been unfair for too long.

So we will build a wall. And we will stop a lot of things, including the drug -- the drugs are pouring in at levels like nobody's ever seen. We'll be able to stop them once the wall is up.

Thank you very much.

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