Scarborough: Arpaio "Complete Thug"; 'Morning Joe' Panel: He Ran "A Concentration Camp"


Joe Scarborough and the MSNBC Morning Joe panel discuss President Trump's decision on Friday to pardon former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio for a conviction levied last month. Scarborough called him a thug and said he punished people using "torture."

Scarborough also said if articles of impeachment are ever brought up against Trump, "these are the sort of things that are going to be attached as an abuse of power."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The list of horrors by this guy is staggering. I had read a report from a reporter that one of the things that surprised him the most is that when he was out there was how much the Arizona law enforcement community hates Arpaio because he gives them all a bad name because he has been a complete thug. And he has punished people basically do some things amounting to torture.

Featured panelist Mike Barnicle makes the concentration camp comparison:

BARNICLE: The Phoenix New Times, they've covered Joe Arpaio for 20 years, they had a chronology, a list of outrageous incidents involving Joe Arpaio's tenure. Half of the things on the list are absolutely shocking. Shocking. I mean, he was running a concentration camp. That's basically what he was doing.

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