CNN's Cuomo: Calling Out Obama Pardons Is "What About-ism," Doesn't "Justify" Arpaio Pardon


CNN's Chris Cuomo confronts Arizona State Sen. Steve Montenegro for supporting President Trump's pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Monday's broadcast of New Day. Transcript, via CNN:

CUOMO: All right, well, we're paying attention to all of it, obviously. And I believe we have a Latino who is not offended by the pardon in the form of lawmaker Montenegro.

What do you think of the pardon of Arpaio?

STEVE MONTENEGRO (R), ARIZONA STATE SENATOR: Well, thank you for having me this morning again.

Listen, what's on display here is just the blatant outrage, the hypocrisy from the left. I mean when Barack Obama, when President Obama was pardoning thugs and when he was pardoning someone like Oscar Lopez Rivera, who's a convicted, unrepentant terrorist, where was the outrage there by the left? When he was pardoning someone like Brandon Manning, somebody that was giving away --

CUOMO: Bradley Manning.

MONTENEGRO: Bradley Manning, excuse me, somebody that was giving away.

CUOMO: Now Chelsea.

MONTENEGRO: Thank you. Someone that was giving away secrets that was compromising national security to our country, where was the outrage there? I mean we're talking about a 75 year old --

CUOMO: But what does that mean about the Arpaio pardon?

MONTENEGRO: Well, we're talking about 70 year old --

CUOMO: You don't justify -- you don't justify Arpaio by saying there were other pardons that we didn't like that you didn't give as much attention. That's called what about-ism.

MONTENEGRO: No, but -- but what I'm saying --

CUOMO: Let's just stick to Arpaio. Was it the right move?

MONTENEGRO: Of course, but what I'm saying is -- what I'm saying is that there's hypocrisy. Look, pardons are something that the presidents in this country have the power to do all the time. We're talking about a 75-year-old man here who has served his country since he was 18 years old, who the best the left can throw at him is a misdemeanor. And even then the way the process was done, the way that the judicial system was used here was incorrect and --

CUOMO: How so?

MONTENEGRO: Well, look, we have judges that should have recused

themselves. Judges that had complete bias in this case that shouldn't have been adjudicating in this process. And then when it's time to actually go to trial, they set it up, the Obama administration, the most political administration and judicial administration there has been, makes it so that he can't have a jury trial. Look, I'm confident that if this would have gone to appeal, he would have won this on appeal.

But, again, the hypocrisy of the left -- and then they scream racism, because that's all the liberals and all the left has when it comes to running out of facts.

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