Juan Williams: Arpaio Pardon Sets A Precedent For Trump To Pardon Friends, Family, Allies


Fox News analyst Juan Williams discusses the potential precedent set by President Trump's pardon of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

WALLACE: Juan, some critics are suggesting that the way that the pardon went down – and I will refer back to what Karl was just saying -- no appeal, no expression of remorse, no review by the Justice Department, may in some sense send a signal to some of his aides who might be under investigation in the unrelated investigation by Special Counsel Mueller, he’ll take care of them, too.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLJITICAL ANALYST: Well, this was a political act, as Karl said. This was not an act of mercy for someone who had been denied justice. Sheriff Arpaio has not been sentenced yet. He's been convicted but not sentenced. So this was a preemptive act by President Trump that I think then sets a precedent going in that he can act in terms of pardons with little rebuke from the Justice Department to help out someone who’s a family member, someone who’s a political ally.

This -- you remember, Arpaio was not only an early supporter of Donald Trump, he was an early birther, and he is the face of hostility towards immigrants, specifically with Mexicans and Latinos in his country. So it was a political act that he promised his base on Tuesday night at that rally in Phoenix and he has delivered on that promise in such a way as to say that in the future such acts of pardon are now more normal. He can say this set a pattern and he can pardon family, friends and allies.

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