Blumenthal on Trump Investigations: "Heroes Of This Era Will Be The Free Press And The Independent Judiciary"


On Thursday's episode of 'Morning Joe,' Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal updates us on the state of the investigation into President Trump's alleged ties to Russia:

SCARBOROUGH: Senator -- yes, senator, a couple of questions. It's always great to have you on the show.

First question, obviously a lot of distraction over the past week or so in Charlottesville with the president equating Nazis with protesters, neo-Nazis with protesters. So, some attention has been turned from North Korea, from Charlottesville, from this Russian investigation.

First of all, are you still pleased with the direction that the Senate's -- that your committee's investigation is going? Do you think there's still good, bipartisan cooperation? Are you confident that you all are pursuing aggressively the truth on this?

And, secondly, what's the status of the legislation proposed by several people to give Robert Mueller the time and the space and the freedom that he needs to do his job without being fired by the president of the United States or people that the president of the United States orders to fire?

BLUMENTHAL: I am pleased so far with the bipartisan approach to the investigation and I'm satisfied that Chairman Grassley is committed to uncovering all of the truths surrounding potential obstruction of justice in the firing of Jim Comey and other actions and threats that the president has taken. This obstruction of justice goes directly to our oversight responsibility for the Department of Justice. And Chairman Grassley has indicated in the past how strongly he believes in protecting whistle blowers and the role they play in uncovering the truth.

And I think that the legislation that we've offered to protect the special counsel against political interference has growing bipartisan support. It was introduced by myself and Lindsey Graham, Tom Tillis, both Republicans, as well as Democrats, three Democrats, along with myself. And it has growing support, mainly I think because of the apparent boomeranging that we're seeing, a veering o the president, zig-zagging between the unifier and divider and some of the rhetoric attacking the press. Very, very chilling in Phoenix questioning their loyalty. And at the end of the day, in our investigation, as well as in the special counsel's investigation, I think that the heroes of this era will be the free press and the independent judiciary who have become the bulwarks of our democracy.

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