Mark Levin: Now Is Day 10 With No Mention Of 'Russia Collusion' But 24/7 Racism; What Is Happening?


Syndicated radio host Mark Levin comments that it has been more than a week since the media has discusses the once-ubiquitous 'Trump-Russia collusion' narrative.

"That's not to say they won't get back to it," Levin said. "But you see, Russian collusion was so seminal to the destruction of the fabric of our electoral system --nay, the entrie country-- it was so obvious, it was so ubiquitous, Russian collusion with Trump World. We have the special counsel putting the pressure on Manafort to turn on somebody and destroy his business, livelihood, take his home from him. Hey, that's really good, Mr. Mueller, Mr. Tough Guy."

He added: "Day after day, week after week, month after month, this was all we heard about. A new shoe falling, coming to the New York Times or Washington Post, it didn't matter they'd be wrong and have to issue corrections, but that is in the dust... CNN had secrets from the House and Senate Intel Committees... Now, crickets. [The media says:] 'Shut up and sit down, we're busy, Trump's a racist, stop bothering us, we're busy taking down monuments, come on.'"

"We've got Mitch McConnell saying he doesn't know if the Trump administration can be rehabilitated... 'Shut up with the damn Russia Collusion stuff, if we need it we'll go back into that bucket. Right now, it is racism 24/7."

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