Hannity: The Left Should Feel Same Way About Democrats Who Honor Racist Democrats


FOX News' Sean Hannity highlights what he said is the Democratic party's hypocrisy on historical racism. Hannity noted former President Bill Clinton's mentor segregationist J. William Fulbright and Hillary Clinton's praise of noble Robert Byrd.

From his Wednesday's night monologue:

HANNITY: This happens, we can predict, every two to four years, disgusting, offensive. But it compels -- it pales in comparison to what the Democrats have tolerated in their own party.

Here something the media won't tell you. Republicans have been the party of Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation. Democrats? What have they been? The party of segregation, the Southern Manifesto.

Remember back in 1956, it was Democrats who introduced what was known as that Southern Manifesto. That's a document to resist the Supreme Court decision, Brown vs. the Board of Education and the ruling in segregation in schools.

Let's see. People like Bill Clinton's mentor, who he praised many times, J. William Fulbright, well, who's been praised throughout his entire career, signed it. It was overwhelmingly signed by Democratic members of Congress in 1956. According to Politico, only two Republicans supported that.

Then we go back to the 1960s, passage of the Civil Rights Act in '64, the Voting Rights Act in '65. Same Southern Democrats that tried to stop these historic pieces of legislation from being passed, including filibustering the Civil Rights Act for months! And then there's the actual vote tallies.

Let's take a look at the no votes for the Civil Rights Act of '64. 112 Democrats in Congress voted against it. 41 Republicans. And then for the 1965 Voting Rights Act, 78 Democrats in Congress voted against it, 25 Republicans voted no.

So I don't understand. The Democrats, the media, that's their history. And some people in the Democratic Party today praised those people that were involved in that history.

Here's another fact the media is ignoring. George Wallace, one of the most racist pro-segregationists in history, Democrat for most of his political career. Then there's Democratic senator, remember the former Klansman?

Wasn't in charge that -- really that long ago, Robert Byrd. He filibustered the Civil Rights Act for over 14 hours before voting against it. And other well-known Democrats, you know, to vote no, well, let's see, that's Bill Clinton's mentor, J. William Fulbright, and even Al Gore's father, Al Gore, Senior.

Once again, you would think Democrats would denounce and force those type of people out of their party. But instead, Democrats did the complete opposite, especially when it comes to Robert Byrd, former Klansman. Hillary Clinton -- we've got the tape -- praising him as her mentor after he died! Take a look.


HILLARY CLINTON FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: Senator Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility. From my first day in the Senate, I sought out his guidance, and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom. I admired his tireless advocacy for his West Virginia constituents. As secretary of state, I continue to rely on his advice and counsel.


HANNITY: Her mentor? Was she giving Robert Byrd a pass? He was in the Klan. Now, take a look at what Robert Byrd said to Tony Snow. This was back on Fox News Sunday in just 2001, 16 years ago. Take a look.


SEN. ROBERT BYRD, D-WEST VIRGINIA: White (EXPLETIVE DELETED) I've seen a lot of white (EXPLETIVE DELETED) in my time, want to use that word. But we've all -- we all -- we just need to work together to make our country a better country.


HANNITY: Pretty shocking, former Klansman -- would you call someone who says that your mentor like Hillary?

This just highlights the Democrats' massive double standard when it comes to race in America, the divide that they are contributing to. They have made race a political wedge issue in this country for decades, and they have used it, sadly, to rip this country apart.

Last night, we showed you how President Obama -- remember? He rushed to judgment, raced to conclusions before any evidence, any facts came out, any the testimony came out in four particular high-profile race cases, rush to judgment.

President Obama made it a point to associate himself with groups like Black Lives Matter that chant things like, What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now. Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon.

President Obama even invited Black Lives Matter to his White House and praised a Black Lives Matter leader, DeRay Mckesson, while completely excusing his anti-police remarks. Just take a look at a couple of McKesson's tweets.

Quote, 'This feared for my life language is perhaps the new execution motto of America's largest gang, the police.' Should someone who spews that hatred really have been invited to Obama's White House? Where was the media's outrage then, let alone he was praised by the president at the time, President Obama.

Then there's the issue of leftists destroying public property and tearing down monuments like what we saw happen in Durham, North Carolina, this week. The left -- they're up in arms over President Trump asking where America should draw a line when it comes to removing these monuments.
Well, now, look, people can agree with what they think these statues represent. They have honest disagreement. They don't have a right to destroy property. They don't have a right to be violent because they disagree with what they stand for. We have a political process for that. And as the president said, let local municipalities decide.

If the left is so upset over Confederate monuments, then maybe they should feel the same way about displays that honor racist Democrats, the ones we just told you about. Take a look at this statue, Robert Byrd, the former Klansman in the West Virginia state capitol. The Democrats now think it needs to be taken down? According to a local West Virginia website, there are at least 56 buildings, bridges, highways, centers and other places that are named after Robert Byrd. Do they need to be renamed? Do they need to be taken out?

There are also highways, statues, other things that are dedicated to people like Al Gore, Senior, J. William Fulbright, George Wallace!

If the left, members of the media -- they're going to lose their collective minds over the latest attack against President Trump, I think it's important to remember this in many ways is selective moral outrage.

And more importantly, at the end of the day, a huge distraction. This last election was about the forgotten men and women of this country, people on poverty, people on food stamps and people that cannot find a job! As all these fights go on and all the undermining of the president continues, none of those people are being helped. That is a huge, huge shame for the American people.

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