Former CIA Director Brennan: Trump "Putting Our National Security And Our Collective Futures At Grave Risk"


CNN's Wolf Blitzer shares a memo he received from former CIA director John Brennan, who served under President Obama, that warned about the future of the U.S. under Trump.

BLITZER: I want to share with you and our viewers a note I received last night from the former CIA director, John Brennan, right after our show. And let me put the words up on the screen.

"Wolf, just watched your interview with Senator Blumenthal when you mentioned that you lost all four of your grandparents to the unspeakable evil of Nazism. I just want to extend my sympathies, not only for their deaths but also to you and your family and countless others for the pain inflicted today by the despicable words of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump's words and the beliefs they reflect are a national disgrace, and all Americans of conscience need to repudiate his ugly and dangerous comments. If allowed to continue along this senseless path, Mr. Trump will do lasting harm to American society and to our standing in the world. By his words and his actions, Mr. Trump is putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk."

Signed John Brennan.

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