Hemingway: Trump Denounced Bigotry On Saturday; There Is A Problem On All Sides, Left And Right


Mollie Hemingway said it's like we are living in an "alternative reality," because people have chosen to ignore President Trump's remarks on Saturday where he denounced bigotry and violence. Hemingway also said Trump is right, there is a violence problem on "both sides," the left and right.

HEMINGWAY: It's like we are living in an alternate reality here. People are not listening to what Donald Trump actually said on Saturday and they are not reading the actual full comments that he gave where he was explicitly denouncing bigotry and violence, where he called on people to come together.

And the fact is there actually is a violence problem on both the left and right. In recent years, Americans have seen violent protests in everywhere from Portland, Berkeley, Ferguson, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Brooklyn, Baltimore. All throughout the country people have experienced violent protests, there was an assassination attempt against Republicans by a totally mainstream progressive leftist activist. And there is a problem on all sides. People need to come together to denounce all of those things, and not tar the entire Democratic party as being part of the leftist violence or the entire Republican party as being part of the rightist violence.

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