Stephen Moore: We Still Have To Take At Least 10 Million More People Off Food Stamps


In an interview with WMAL-AM guest host Steve Malzberg, economist Stephen Moore said the dwindling amount of people on food stamps is "awesome," but we there is still progress to be made.

STEPHEN MOORE: That is awesome news! By the way, we still have to take at least 10 million more people off food stamps. Food stamps grew and grew and grew under Obama…it grew about 50% during the recession, but then when the recession was over, they only fell by around 10-15%.

If you’re gonna get food stamps…or any of these programs, and you’re an able-bodied adult, Steve, you’ve got to get a job! It’s that simple! And that’s in the Trump budget – yes we’re a compassionate country, we’re not gonna let people go homeless, we’re not gonna let them go hungry, but if you want aid from the government and the tax payers, you have to do something in return, and that’s get a job and work, and not sit in front of the TV!

By the way, liberals hate that idea, they loathe that idea. They don’t want these people working, and by the way, the best thing you can do for somebody is not give them a handout, give them a job, give them a paycheck! What a concept!

(via WMAL-AM)

Moore sparred with Van Jones about Obamacare on his CNN program earlier this year:

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