Gorka on North Korea: "This Is Not The Soviet Union," "This Is A Potemkin Village -- A Paper Tiger"


Advisor to the president on national security matters, Sebastian Gorka, extrapolates the significance of the unanimous vote this weekend in the United Nations Security Council to sanction North Korea.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said about that country's decision to enforce the sanctions, despite economic costs on its own companies, according to Reuters: "Owing to China's traditional economic ties with North Korea, it will mainly be China paying the price for implementing the resolution... But in order to protect the international non-proliferation system and regional peace and stability, China will, as before, fully and strictly properly implement the entire contents of the relevant resolution."

"Think about all the people who not just underestimated, but criticized this president," Gorka said about the work of the Trump administration to get China and Russia to agree to the sanctions.

"[North Korea] can not even feed its own people, that is how much of a paper tiger this is," Gorka commented.

Gorka said North Korea was trying to "blackmail" the West by building a nuclear program and then trading it for increased access to the global economy, like they have done several times before, but "that ended this weekend."

Gorka's point can not be overstated. This appears to be the first time since World War Two that the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have signalled their commitment to, together, fight against a rogue state to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Students of history will remember that in January 1950, before the beginning of the first Korean War, Russia and China's seats on the security council were filled by the Soviet Union and the Republic of China (Taiwan), respectively, and the Soviets along with all of their communist allies were boycotting the security council for its refusal to give the seat originally belonging to the Republic of China (at that time in exile in Taiwan) to the new communist government that had taken over the mainland.

It was only a few months after the Soviet ambassador stormed out of the UNSC in protest, that North Korea, backed by the communist Chinese and the Soviet Union, invaded South Korea. Two days later, with the Soviets unable to veto, the Security Council voted to go to war for the first time in its history in order to defend South Korea.

This time, a war between the great powers appears to have been averted, with the entire United Nations standing united against North Korea.


SEBASTIAN GORKA: They [North Korea] can rattle their rusty sabres, but the fact is this is a sadistic dictatorial regime, and what they have been trying to do, ever since the facilitation of their nuclear weapons program by the Clinton White House, and later the Obama White House, is to blackmail us. To blackmail the West. But that all ended this weekend.

Think about all the people who not just underestimated, but criticized this president. What did he just achieve through the good works of [UN Ambassador] Nikki Haley and [Secretary of State] Rex Tillerson. We had a 15-0 vote in the United Nations Security Council -- including [all five] permanent members: Russia, China, [U.S., France, U.K] -- have brough the most stringent package of sanctions against North korea we have ever seen.

They have backed themselves into a corner and they need to back down, as Rex Tillerson said.

SEAN HANNITY: Is this guy crazy enough to, if, is he crazy enough to launcha nuke? The former Soviet Union understood mutually assured destruction. It was a huge vote to get Russia and China [with the United Nations Security Council voting] 15-0 [to impose sanctions on North Korea]. Nobody in the media covers it.

But, is that enough to stop a madman? Or is he even a madman, or does he just like to cause trouble on the world stage?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: This is not the Cold War. Remember, during the Cold War we had this phrase -- correlation of forces -- we had a balance, we had a standoff/ More than 20,000 nuclear weapons on each side.

This is not the Soviet Union, this is a 'Potemkin Village' This regime can not even feed its own people, that is how much of a paper tiger this is.

Now we have to send a very clear message [to Kim Jong Un]: Rex Tillerson today at the ASEAN meeting said [North Korea] can send a signal [to the rest of the world that they want to make a deal]: No more ballistic missile tests. Then we will know sanity reigns, and they don't want to bring down the ire of the president, and the Western community, on North Korea.

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