Victor Davis Hanson on Calexit: Natural Resources Are In Red Parts Of The State


Victor Davis Hanson responds to the Cal-exit movement on Tuesday's edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight. He said people aren't leaving the state to spread "California values," but because of the 13% income tax, high gas and sales tax, and poor schools.

Hanson also noted California's minerals, oil and agriculture are located in the red parts of the state. He said if Calexit did actually happen the state would become an apartheid society.

TUCKER CARLSON: Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stamford, he's a professor at Cal State University, Fresno, he has been in California all his life. His family has been there for over 100 years, he has watched the state change. He joins us now. Did you just hear that interview?


CARLSON: So, he said two things that really struck me. One, no, he does not think that California has much in common with the rest of the country.

And two, yes, the middle-class is leaving. He was honest enough to admit that. And that is a good thing, what do you make of that?

HANSON: Yes. Well, it is unhinged because about 75 percent of the geography of California is red. And we have these two Californians from San Diego -- where about 30 million people live, but if you were going to secede all of the minerals, the oil, the agriculture is farmed or worked or mined by conservatives. And when they go, they are not to leaving to spread California values. They are leaving because they have 13 percent income tax, the second highest sales tax, third highest gas tax and yet their schools are rated 46 in the country.

And I think Forbes rated our freeways 49th in the country. So, we have one out of every four people in California who was not born in the United States. And we have 22 percent below the poverty level, one out of three on welfare, so it is Mississippi in Massachusetts in one state. And people are leaving to get away from that.

CARLSON: Exactly, I was always very pro-immigration, always. And watching this happened in California really made me pause. This guy just admitted -

HANSON: Well, I mean --

CARLSON: -- that he is happy to replace the middle-class population of California with poor immigrants, because he did not really say why, but that is a good thing?

HANSON: Well, I am sitting here in Palo Alto, and I can tell you that poor immigrants are living seven and eight families to a house in Redwood City, and they clean the tables of the techies in the masters of the universe.

You mention to them, let's build affordable housing on 280, we have open spaces, we have mass transit, or beautiful freeway, and they go ballistic.


HANSON: So, they do like this apartheid society, whether the part is a civil class or everybody else, it's the hello. So, it is kind of pathetic that people would admit as you pointed out that they are really medieval in the way that they envision California.

CARLSON: But you are totally right about their attitudes. Move the Somali refugees to Nantucket, that is the answer as far as I'm concerned. So, okay, I want to get to this. President Trump says, you can take the smartphone from his cold dead fingers. He tweeted this today. Quote, "Only the fake news media and Trump enemies want me to stop using social media, 110 million people. Only way for me to get to the truth."

Meanwhile the press are finally growing tired of comparing the President to Hitler and now moving on to the secondary autocrats like Mussolini and Kim Jong-un. Watch.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: I think all of this going around and purging people just like Kim Jong-un. What is he doing? Knocks off all of his relatives when he gets scared? When you get scared of your position around you. We do not do that in this country. We fire them. Trump seems to know how to fire.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You cannot compartmentalize everything, because it is all morphed together as Donald Trump unfit for command in my opinion.

MATTHEWS: I work with families and say it's 10:00 at night upstairs the White House. There is no General Kelly around, the Romanoff's are at dinner. Okay? They are sitting around having dinner. You have got Jared there, the favorite son in law. You have got the favorite daughter. You have got John, Jr., maybe stopping by. They are all sitting around talking about what kind of job General Kelly is doing.

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY, HISTORIAN: The key to Donald Trump is just this kind of blind fierce loyalty, and that's what Franco expected in Spain. That's what Mussolini wanted in Italy.


CARLSON: Every time I feel kind of depressed because I think Trump is screwing up. I look at these people and I think, man, there is something worse. I guess.

HANSON: Yes, I mean, they are historically illiterate if not obscene, because Mussolini was responsible for killing about 1.6 billion people in the Balkans in North Africa. Kim Jong-un has probably killed two to four million. Stalin killed 20 million. So, there is no comparison to be made.

And as far as the tweets go and Twitter and all of that, it is not an either or, people I think understand that he has redefined social media in a way that sort of electronic fireside chat.

It's just that we go down the cul-de-sacs, and if you have 30,000 of them and you divide them with how many days since he has been inaugurated, you get maybe 30 or 40, and such a number, you're going to make a mistake or you are going to be indiscreet. And what is the point of that? Well, the point of that is, it distracts from reaching 10 million barrels of oil, which is a record where we are redefining the strategic importance of the Gulf States, or Eastern Europe, because they now are energy independent of OPEC and Russia.

We have got 2.6% economic growth. We have got record jobs, record corporate profits, record Wall Street, and all that stuff is getting lost in some of these ten, five percent of the daily tweets.


HANSON: So, we do not want to, it is like a fine watch. You know it is not quite working right, but you don't want to take it apart and ruin it.

But you want to find a way to calibrate it that is effective. I think that John Kelly is a man to do that.

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