CNN's Acosta: Trump WH Has "Unhealthy Fixation" On "The Mexicans, The Muslims, And The Media"


CNN's Jim Acosta said on Wednesday that the Trump administration has had an "unhealthy fixation" on the "three Ms" -- "the Mexicans, the Muslims, and the Media."

"At times, this White House has had an unhealthy fixation on what I call the 'three Ms': the Mexicans, the Muslims, and the media," the CNN White House correspondent said. "Their policies tend to be crafted around bashing one of those three groups, and we just see it time and time again. And, today, on immigration, what the White House is essentially saying in a wink and a dog whistle way to some of those battleground states that they won is that immigrants coming in from Latin America are taking your jobs."

Acosta went on to declare immigration policies are not the reason why factories in the Rust Belt closed down. Acosta's solution is that the people in states like Pittsburgh and West Virginia "need policies that will help get them out of this mess."

"Wolf, immigration is not the reason the factory closed in Pittsburgh or the coal mine was shut down in West Virginia. The people who are struggling in those states, they need policies that will help get them out of this mess that they've been in for a generation where a lot of communities have been left behind," Acosta said.

Acosta bashed Stephen Miller, with whom he got in a tussle with today in the briefing room, as a "Statue of Liberty originalist" for pointing out that the "poem" on the monument was not added until after it was gifted to the U.S. by France.

"I saw it first hand on the campaign trail, following Donald Trump around, trying to appeal to these workers. And he did wisely target those workers, but he's targeted them with I think a message that just runs counter to what we see as American tradition in this country. That's why I quoted the Statue of Liberty to Stephen Miller because it's the odd to see the White House, Wolf, in the form of Stephen Miller, one of the top policy advisors, sort of sound like a Statue of Liberty originalist," Acosta said.

Acosta argued there is no difference between the "poem" on the statue when it was delivered and having it affixed at a later time.

"As if there is some difference between what the Statue of Liberty looked like when it was first brought over here to the United States and what it looks like now with a poem attached to it. I just thought that was an odd argument. It was a poor argument," the CNNer said.

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