Paul Ryan: "More Important To Us Than Anything That We Get Tax Reform Done"


Speaker Paul Ryan discusses jettisoning the proposed border adjustment tax he has been pushing all year to reach a consensus on a larger tax reform package. Speaking to FBN's Maria Bartiromo, Ryan explained: "So what we wanted to do is go through and look at the details to see if there is a viable alternative to the border adjustment tax, if there is a way of doing tax reform that still gets what we are trying to get, like low tax rates... The aspects of tax reform we agree on, we want to make sure we can still achieve those things without having a cash flow tax or a border adjustment tax."

He explained that the details of the tax plan were now being filled in to a "template" that Congress and the White House already agreed to.

"We think most of all what is important is that we come to common ground about what to do about tax reform, so we can get tax reform done in 2016," he also said.

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