Scaramucci: There Are People Inside This Admin Who Think It Is Their Job To Save America From Trump


ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, WHITE HOUSE COMMS DIRECTOR: Be fair, be fair Chris. And the truth of the matter is I'm used to all different types of questions. I'm used to meanness. It doesn't matter to me. I'm here to play it straight for the American people and to protect my friend who's President of the United States. Go ahead.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: And understood. And Alyson and I have felt the bite of personal comments from power as well. But we still do the job and we do it the right way because that's what matters more.


CUOMO: So let's do that right now instead of talking about doing it.


CUOMO: These tweets seem to indicate a problem that didn't start today. And I'm not talking about the leaking. It is well known Anthony Scaramucci that Reince Priebus was against you getting a job in the administration. You've talked about it privately with reporters.


CUOMO: He has denied it but there are tons of reports that that denial is hollow. And when you named him in the tweet it seems to call that. Where is your head on that situation? What do you believe the reality to be? Because it seems much more like Cain and Abel than it does brothers who can get along.

SCARAMUCCI: I know. Here's what I believe. After running two reasonably successful companies and one which the entire world knows I'm about to sell for $180 million, here's what I know. When you're running a successful company or an organization, you can take this human equation to the bank: Under confidence plus insecurity always equals paranoia and backstabbing.

And so what you have to do as a manager is you have to go through the process in the system and figure out where the backstabbing is coming from. That will lead you to the people that are insecure or under confident. If you can't bolster them and make them better, then you have to remove them from the process because then it becomes addition by subtraction.

That's what I know.

CUOMO: Understood.

SCARAMUCCI: I don't want to talk about anybody specifically because we're on a live television wire. But the people know. The journalists know. You know the young kids in the Comm Team are taking a lot of heat from me now. They know Chris. The people know. You know who knows? The President of the United States.

The President of the United States again, whether you guys like the guy, you dislike the guy, he's the smartest person that I've ever worked for. OK? So let Vanity Fair write about that, I honestly don't care. He has intuition, he has judgement and he has a temperament in a way that I have never seen.

Last night we were having dinner, I told his wife, I looked over at the First Lady and I said I forgot how much fun I used to have when I hung out with him on the campaign trail. He's a very interesting and very unique guy. There are people inside the administration that think it is their job to save America from this president. OK? That is not their job.

Their job is to inject this president into America so that he can explain his views properly and his policies so that we can transform America and drain the swamp and make the system fairer for the middle and the lower income people.

CUOMO: Look I understand that Anthony--

SCARAMUCCI: It is not their job from the establishment whose calcifications, to sit there and try to withhold the president, to rein him in--


SCARAMUCCI: Or do things to him that slow down his agenda.

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