'Russia Today' Host Slams MSNBC's Joy Reid For Pushing "Xenophobic" Anti-Slavic "Fake News" About Melania Trump


Russian propaganda tries a new angle: Lori Harfenist, host of 'The Resident' on the Russia Today (RT) network, slams MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid for her allegedly racist and Slavophobic comments about first lady Melania Trump.

"Joy Reid is a correspondent for MSNBC," the Russian state-sponsored host explained. "She's a liberal Democrat who has even written a book about the Democratic Party [Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide]. That's how into the blue team she is."

"[Reid] likes to say she is on the right side of justice. Standing up for the little people, being accepting and tolerant of all people everywhere. Except that what she has been tweeting lately shows otherwise," she continued.

Note: Neither Slovenia or Slovakia was ever part of the Soviet Union, though both were dominated by communists. Melania is from Slovenia, but Ivana was Czech, not Slovak. Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia but Slovakia was not. Instead it was part of Czechoslovakia, as the name suggests.

"Got that?" the RT host continued. "Forget the fact that there is so much wrong factually with the tweet... Forget all the inaccurate 'fake news' in this Harvard grad's tweet. Let's just focus on her xenophobia, shall we?"

"At the core of that tweet is Reid's outrage that the president married women who are not American. Reid, this open-minded liberal, who is all in support of globalism, of the world being one big global village, is spouting hateful messages about how it is 'suspect' for the president to marry women from Eastern Europe. That is just straight-up xenophobia. There is no other way to describe it."

"How are we supposed to be one 'Global Village,' Joy, if we are to exclude people from certain countries? It doens't work that way. And this Harvard grad should know that," the RT host vented.

"Reid also recently stated that Russia is still communist, in 2016. She thinks Russia is still a communist country, which is ridiculous. Especially because she is trying to villify this entire country right now. She wants people to fear Russia, when she herself doesn't know anything about it, clearly."

She continued: "Again, more xenophobia."

"It has gotten to the point where people on both sides of our stupid two-party system are calling out the MSNBC reporter for being way out of line. In fact, even her Wikipedia page had to be updated to reflect her xenophobic controversies [the reference has since been deleted but can be viewed here]. So maybe now she'll take a moment to process what it really means to be global and open-minded; something Harvard clearly failed to teach her."

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