Vox: White Supremacists Love Tucker Carlson Because He Is Making A Case For Western Civilization


A web video released Friday by Vox.com explored some potentially problematic tendancies of Fox News host Tucker Carlson; who they crown the "New King of Fox News."

Tucker replaced Bill O'Reilly in Fox News Channel's primetime lineup in April and since then 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' has become the number one most-watched cable news show and the top show on the network. Vox explores Tucker's use of language regarding both legal and illegal immigrants, foreigners in general, and "Western Civilization," which they equate with whiteness. They suggest his arguments contain subtle racist dogwhistles which have made him a hero to white supremacists like David Duke and Richard Spencer, who laud Tucker for making their arguments in a "more mainstream" way.

VOX.COM:Fox viewers love him because he takes on the liberal elite and Fox executives love him because he's not embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. But there's someone else who really likes Tucker Carlson.

RICHARD SPENCER, White Supremacist: In replace of O'Reilly we get Tucker, who I think is a much better figure. He's certainly more intelligent. He at least has a kind of open-mindedness in a way that Bill O'Reilly never would.

NARRATOR Spencer isn't the only professional racist giddy about Tucker's show.

DAVID DUKE, Former Grand Wizard of the KKK, TWEETED: 'God Bless Mr. Carlson for focusing on these vital issues. If you aren't MSM, yet you have an influential voice - it's time to push things'

NARRATOR:Tucker spent the first few months of his show depicting both legal and undocumented immigrants as potential criminals.

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