Keith Olbermann: Media Must Fight Back Against A President Who Jokes With Dictators


On Thursday, GQ's special correspondent, Keith Olbermann discussed on 'The Resistance,' that the media has to fight back to the Trump administration. He also described the escalation of violent tones in relation to President Trump and the media:

KEITH OLBERMANN: I'm Keith Olberman and this is the resistance.

The videocameras panned and the still cameras clicked and the Russian dictator mumbled something to Trump, something identified in Russia as a reference to the reporters in front of them as 'these are the ones that insulted you.' And Trump laughs. And Trump could be heard saying you could be right about that. And Putin and Trump both laugh. Putin, in whose country almost any trace of representative government is dead. And with it, an extraordinary high number of his opponents are dead. And critics and especially the reporters who questioned or investigated him are dead, murdered. And Trump laughs...

And back home, Trump tweets a wrestling video of himself symbolically beating a figure labeled CNN and Trump's son tweets a video of Trump symbolically shooting down a plane labeled CNN.

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