Gov. John Kasich: "Great Thing That Republicans Looked Over The Cliff" Before Healthcare Bill Hurt People


On Wednesday, Gov. John Kasich, R-OH, urged the Senate to abandon the 'repeal only' effort for Obamacare that was backed by President Donald Trump as the new GOP health care plan. Kasich joined "The Morning Joe" to discuss his concerns with the current health care issues:

GOV. JOHN KASICH: I don't think he's ideological on this. He has political people to try to probably tell him you need to do this or that. But, I don't think he cares really what the solution is. I don't think he's embedded in an ideological program here. The more he's ideological, the worse he does. Health care is not something that should be driven -- the first and foremost thing on health care is people need to have it. They need to be healthy. They don't need to go bankrupt if they get sick and we know that if people are healthy they're more likely to work than if they're unhealthy. My sense is at the end he'll sign something to stabilize the markets...

I believe Donald Trump does his best when he goes to his Populist instincts rather than an ideological approach. That to me is what makes the most amount of sense. All this stuff is like 'Republicans lose.' You know what, isn't it a great thing that Republicans looked over the cliff and saw that there were a lot of people that were going to be hurt and they pulled back and said let's do this in a more reasonable, rational way.

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