Rep. Tim Ryan: Democratic Party Has "A Lot Of Factions," Not Really Any Major Leader


Rep. Tim Ryan (Dem, Ohio) told C-SPAN Wednesday morning that Republicans target Nancy Pelosi, but there isn't really a major leader in the Democratic caucus, or party.

"We're a Democratic group," Ryan said. "We got a lot of different factions to it and I would say right now there's really not any major leader of the party."

"It's not about just politics. It's not just about ‘ok how do we win elections?' You win elections because then you can implement your ideas and in my estimation, ideas that will help people in Akron, Ohio," he added.

Ryan briefly challenged Minority Leader Pelosi for her leadership position at the beginning of the year. He talks about wether he would consider another try: "No, not really. I don't have really any interest in doing that. I ran. I felt like somebody had to run, didn't necessarily want to run myself, but I felt like we needed a change obviously. But I have no real desire to run again and run for leadership."

(Video via WFB)

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