MSNBC Panel: Politico Article Calls Trump Least Fit President, Criticizes Use Of Golf Cart


Tuesday on MSNBC, network host Chris Jansing held a panel discussion on a Politico article that questions President Trump's health and fitness for office. The president's abundant use of a golf cart while traveling was the crux of the argument surrounding the president's athleticism in the MSNBC segment that included Ben Strauss, the wordsmith behind the article, and Washington Post opinion columnist Dana Milbank.

"Critics, and some of these are in his own party will tell you he doesn't put in the work. They say he's not interested in the details, he looks tired at times, which leads me to your piece in Politico, 'Is The President Fit?' ... I mean, is this ultimately in keeping with the personality that is about a lack of discipline?" Jansing asked.

Strauss cited former presidents such as the adventurous Teddy Roosevelt and even Franklin D. Roosevelt who he noted "did seriously upper body work" despite being wheelchair-bound. The Politico scribe even said John F. Kennedy was a healthy president. However, Kennedy suffered from degenerative back trouble and Addison's disease. He took painkillers and received steroid injections.

"We showed a picture of him when he was taking a golf cart there," Jansing said as the B-roll of Trump using the cart played. "There are times where he not only takes golf carts in places on golf courses where they're not supposed to be, right, but he takes golf carts to places where like other world leaders are walking."

"I think that the golf cart is perhaps the most indispensable prop of this presidency perhaps outside of the Twitter feed," Strauss cracked. "In Sicily, at the G-7 meeting, there's a photo opportunity for the world leaders. And six walk up a hill to the photo-op and the president follows behind in a golf cart. And in Saudi Arabia, rather than walk through a museum, the president rides a golf cart through the museum."

"And I think it's sort of important to point out here that this is not fetching and this is an important question that the public needs to discuss," a serious Strauss said. "When the president makes a misstep, when he misreads his speech, as he did on the foreign trip in Saudi Arabia, the excuse given by the White House is that he was exhausted. And so if you're not exercising, if you're not eating well and you are exhausted, this is really the number one thing that you can do to sort of increase your blood flow and make better decisions and be more, I would just say more aware of your capacity and he hasn't done that."

It is well known that Trump sleeps 4 to 5 hours a night and will wake up at 5 A.M to read newspapers and catch up on T.V. news.

"How does somebody that's sleeping 12 and 14 hours a day compete with someone that's sleeping three or four?" Trump once said about his sleep schedule.

Former President Obama also was a short sleeper.

The same was true for Bill Clinton.

According to an article in Business Insider, scientists have said short sleepers "tend to be more optimistic and upbeat than most" and "be physically active."

The other part of the segment focused on what President Trump "does all day." Milbank quipped that we know that for at least 20 hours of the day we know the president watches cable news.

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