PragerU: "Why Is The Government So Bad At Healthcare?" By Fmr Rep. Bob McEwen


On Monday, former member of Congress, Bob McEwen spoke in an interactive video on Prager United explaining why the U.S. government cannot fix its healthcare:

FORMER REP. BOB MCEWEN Why? Because the government is a third party payer. Let me explain. Suppose you're going to buy something for yourself. You have two priorities - price and quality. You want the highest quality for the lowest possible price...

And a lot of companies are competing for your business. You do your research. You make your choice. This is called a first party purchase. The person paying is the person using...

All government purchases are third party purchases. The government spends other people's money on things it won't consume. It doesn't care about the price or the quality. Thus, there will always be waste in government spending.

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