House Ways & Means Chairman Kevin Brady: Tax Reform Will Happen Before End Of Year


On Thursday, Ways and Means Committee Chair Rep. Kevin Brady, R-TX, told Fox Business Network's Adam Shapiro that he plans to deliver a tax reform bill to President Trump's desk before the end of 2017.

REP. ADAM SHAPIRO:So we think, the American public, would like to know that without the special provisions, we can lower the rates of every family, on every business, we can create more jobs. So that's the discussion we've been having with the American public. August, September, October are going to be very important months...So my focus is on 2017 and delivering this to the President's desk this year. That fits in with the general time table to do that. We haven't settled a date yet on that specific action, but I will tell you this -- I really like the pace and the substance of the discussions. I haven't seen anything that knocks us off the time table for this year.

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