Trump: Putin Would Rather Have Hillary Clinton As President


In an interview with Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), President Trump revealed what was exchanged in his conversation with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. Trump claimed Putin would probably prefer Hillary Clinton as president because she would be weak on military and energy.

"We are the most powerful country in the world and we are getting more and more powerful because I'm a big military person. As an example, if Hillary had won, our military would be decimated. Our energy would be much more expensive. That's what Putin doesn't like about me. And that's why I say, why would he want me? Because from day one I wanted a strong military, he doesn't want to see that," Trump told Robertson.

"From day one I want fracking and everything else to get energy prices low and to create tremendous energy," Trump said Wednesday. "We're going to be self-supporting, we just about are now. We're going to be exporting energy – he doesn't want that. He would like Hillary where she wants to have windmills. He would much rather have that because energy prices would go up and Russia as you know relies very much on energy."

"So there are many things that I do that are the exact opposite of what he would want," Trump said in the interview. "So when I keep hearing about that he would have rather had Trump I think probably not because I want a strong military. You know she wouldn't have spent the money on the military. But I want a strong military, I want tremendous energy. We're opening up coal, we're opening up natural gas, we're opening up fracking. All the things that he would hate, but nobody ever mentions that."

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