Kellyanne Conway vs. CNN's Chris Cuomo: Are You At All Embarrassed That Your Network Talks More About Russia Than America?


Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, debates CNN host Chris Cuomo about allegations that Donald Trump Jr. talked to a Russian person in June 2016 published this weekend by the New York Times.

Several times Conway tried to change the subject away from Russia, bringing up the ceasefire in Syria, veterans' issues, health care reform, and but they ended up talking about a 20 minute meeting between a Russian lawyer and the president's son that took place about 14 months ago.

Conway teases Cuomo: "I admire your moxie -- sitting there with that CNN logo right near you talking about credibility issues."

"I could not be more proud to have that CNN chyron," the host responded.

"And I could not be more proud to be here representing the White House," Conway responded. "You wanted to produce something [showing Trump dealing with Russians], because you've invested months now, as a network, in something that simply doesn't exist."

When Cuomo calls that an "unfair premise," Conway responds: "I'll tell you the unfair premise -- that we now have to go over this again. [CNN] talks more about Russian than they do about America. The big bombshell of the day is Jim Comey having classified information--"

At this point Cuomo begins to aggressively interrupt Conway, preventing her from finishing a sentence. "Unnamed sources are okay for you on Comey, but not okay for you anywhere else?"

On the same day that she spent more than an hour on CNN, Conway also appeared on Monday morning's edition of 'Fox & Friends' and 'Good Morning America':

Conway's extended interview with CNN:

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