Behind The Scenes At G-20: Presidents Trump and Putin Meet


After months of speculation and rumors about their relationship, Russian President Vladimir Putin met President Trump face-to-face for the first time Friday morning at the annual G-20 summit taking place this weekend in Hamburg, Germany.

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Here we anxiously seek a multi-lingual body language expert as relatively new leaders of France, Britain, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. attend a significant international conference with more seasoned world leaders like Germany's Angela Merkel, China's Xi Jinping, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Anarchist, communist, and anti-fascist protesters are also trying to have their voices heard by the gathering of international media.

The news cycle begins, however, with the handshake to end all handshakes: Trump and Putin meeting face to face for the first time after months of rumors that the Russian president helped Trump into office by knee-capping the Clinton campaign with leaked documents.

In a video released on Facebook by the German government, the two superpower presidents smiled and shook hands. Trump also gave the Russian president a friendly pat on the back.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel certainly hopes that behind all the slow-motion handshake replays, those watching will not forget the real reason the G-20 meets: To advance compromise and find solutions to pressing international problems.

GERMAN CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL: We are all familiar with the great global challenges. We all know that time is of the essence and the most pressing socio-solutions can only be found if we are ready to strike a compromise, if we are willing to accommodate each other's views, without sort of bending over backwards too much and giving up our principles. I mean we can very clearly say well, we differ. We are after all a represent of 2/3 of the global population, 4/5 of global GDP and 3/4 of global trade, so everyone who's not at the table today is absolutely justified in expecting us to do the job. We are trying to put together - we've tried to put together a good agenda, global trade, obviously and growth, but also climate change, and energy policy.

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