Rachel Maddow Warns News Orgs: Beware Of Forged Documents Connecting Trump To Russia


MSNBC: Rachel Maddow explains how an ostensible top secret NSA document submitted through the show's inbox is likely a fake, and points out the perils of such forgeries to news organizations trying to report out important stories like the Trump Russia story.

Maddow believes pro-Trump elements are shopping forged or "fake" documents to the media eager to report Russia-Trump collusion stories only to catch them and debunk them as fake news.

"Somebody for some reason appears to be shopping a fairly convincing fake NSA document that purports to directly implicate somebody from the Trump campaign in working with the Russians on their attack on the election. It is a forgery," a very certain Maddow said.

"Let me caveat that," she said. "It is either a forgery or every single national security official we consulted about this story is wrong about it."

She likened the situation to the infamous Dan Rather situation at CBS where the CBS Evening News host aired a story about documents showing then-candidate for reelection President George W. Bush using connections to get out of Vietnam duty. It was later proven the documents were forged and Rather was unceremoniously fired from the network as a result.

"[This] is clearly the biggest political scandal in modern American history by a mile," Maddow declared

Maddow warned her media brethren to beware before they step on a landmine and forever earn the label of "fake news."

"Whether or not the Trump campaign did it, one way to stab in the heart aggressive American reporting on that subject is to lay traps for American journalists who are reporting on it, trick news organizations into reporting what appears to be evidence of what happened, and then after the fact, blow that reporting up. You then hurt the credibility of that news organization. You also cast a show over any similar reporting in the future, whether or not it's true," Maddow said of the vast conspiracy.

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