Buchanan: Trump's Warsaw Message Was West Is Being Invaded By Cultural Marxism And Transnationalism


On the Friday broadcast of the Laura Ingraham radio show, Pat Buchanan said President Trump's speech in Warsaw on Thursday was about the uniqueness of America and Western Civilization versus cultural Marxism and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's transnationalism.

LAURA INGRAHAM: I also loved [President Trump's] harkening back, Pat, to [Pope] John Paul II in what he represented to the Polish people, of course as the first Polish Pope, and to the world, because he looked into the face of totalitarianism and he said you can't destroy us. He said, you might have power over us, but you don't have our power to prayer.

The fact that President Trump went to that moment and reminded the world -- you're speaking to the world and the United States -- that without God in our lives darkness will enter, darkness will be there.

PAT BUCHANAN: Poland is the outstanding example. It lived for five years under Nazi occupation and all the atrocities and murders -- the Warsaw Uprising, the Warsaw ghetto, all the death camps were on Polish soil put there by the Nazis. And then for the next 45 years beginning with Joseph Stalin until '53 it was under the most brutalitarian communist dictatorships which was utterly at war with Christianity.

All of these countries in Eastern Europe that were under that boot for almost half a century they rose up to be countries again based on their views and values. And now are they still holding on to this? But his point is exceedingly well taken. This is Solzhenitsyn. You know, God is not dead. Without God, what do you got? Who is the author of Western Civilization? What are the ideas that created the West. And what it is is there is a certain war going on internally if you will, cultural Marxism or secular liberalism, call it what you want, which is rooted in the highest good as simply being democracy, etcetera, etcetera. And so Trump touched on that and then he went on to the idea that you are being invaded and can you stop the invasion from the South? And it's a very real question whether Europe has the will and the belief and the conviction to stop the invasion or whether it even cares.

INGRAHAM: The criticism that Donald Trump is receiving from the media goes like this: 'Trump is not standing up, they said yesterday, for American values. In fact, what he's doing is he's giving comfort to the Polish president who has been cracking down on media outlets in his own country because he's taking on CNN, he's taking on NBC, and he's not standing up for American values.'

I thought that speech was all about American values. I thought that was about freedom, about liberty, about life, pro-life. It was about patriotism and sovereignty and nation-states. I mean, I don't know how much more pro-American it could get.

BUCHANAN: Well, folks talk about the battle here that Trump touched on and he came down on the side of basically American being a unique, great different country and we want to preserve what it is and what it believes against if you will the Merkel transnationalism in Germany and we're all in this together transnational approach. And Trump's talking about America and its unique character and it's a religious character if you will.

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