Krauthammer Praises "Reaganesque" Speech By Trump In Poland: "Refutation" Of Inaugural Address


FOX News commentator Charles Krauthammer expressed wide praise for President Trump's speech in defense of Western values delivered in Warsaw.

While Krauthammer called it a "great speech," he interpreted it as a refutation of Trump's inauguration address which the syndicated columnist paraphrased as "America first, the allies are parasites, we're now going to stick up for ourselves."

"This was a very anti-Russian speech, very uncharacteristic of this president," Krauthammer said.

KRAUTHAMMER: I thought it was a great speech, and the contrast was not so much to the Obama apology tour. The contrast was to Trump's own inaugural address. This was a refutation root and branch of the ideas underlined in the inaugural address which was America first, the allies are parasites, we're not going to stick up for ourselves. It was none of that. It was the opposite.

This was an ode to treaties and to alliances and even in some ways, to trade. This is completely new. And I thought the way he treated Polish history was amazing. Normally we harp on the degradations of the Nazis. Trump went out of his way to harp on the degradations of the Soviets, both during the Second World War when they stood outside the gates of Warsaw and allowed it to be raised and destroyed by the Nazis in the uprising...

And then to top it off, he talked about the monopoly... obviously talking about the Russians. The use of monopoly and pressure in energy resources that's been going on. This was an anti-Russian speech, very uncharacteristic of this president. And the only question the Poles have today, will he mean it tomorrow?

Krauthammer further praised the speech in an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, calling it "Reaganesque." He once again said it was a departure from the president's inaugural address, calling it a "complete overturning of that" and a "return to traditional American universalism."

"That was the most anti-Russian speech since Ronald Reagan," he said.

Transcript below.

KRAUTHAMMER: This is the best speech he's given. It was very Reaganesque. I read the 'we' as not just the United States. It was not so much a speech about American exceptionalism, he kept saying 'we' and 'you,' the Poles, and largely meaning the Europeans, the West. This was a defense of the West. And that's what made it so unusual for Trump.

This is the antithesis of his inaugural address, which was about America. He didn't speak about the free world. He spoke about our allies as parasites in that speech. This was a complete overturning of that. This is a return to traditional American universalism, leading the community of nations meaning NATO, the West, Europe, including of course a lot of East Asia, other places as well. And by taking on the mantle of leadership, basically expanding the meaning of Americanism to go beyond our shores, I thought it was a huge step, and extremely significant...

That was the most anti-Russian speech since Ronald Reagan. He may have had a few lines on Islamic radicalism, but he was unrelenting in attacking the Russians, which in many ways undoes the vision, the meme which I think is simply false of him essentially as an instrument, a Manchurian candidate of the Russians.

He not only attacked them for their actions in World War II, he was savage on how they treated the Poles during the 40 years of Cold War, and then he went ahead and basically said we're here to rescue you from your dependence on Russian gas because we're going to use it as a weapon. We're not going to hold you hostage. These people are your enemies. And that was, again, something new and very refreshing.

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