President Trump Posts Wrestlemania Video Of Him Tackling CNN, Tagged #FraudNewsCNN


President Trump continued his trolling campaign against CNN on Sunday morning, posting this fun video of him brutally tackling an avatar of the network. CNN's logo is superimposed over the head of WWE President Vince McMahon (whose wife Linda currently serves as the head of the Small Business Administration), who staged a mock "battle of the billionaires" with future-President Trump in 2007. Trump, "winner" of the battle, "bodyslammed" and ceremonially shaved the head of the losing CEO in a staged match.

"The president in no way, form, or fashion has ever encouraged any form of violence," the White House's Sarah Huckabee Sanders was forced to say in a press briefing.

The unmodified video, which has been a meme for quite some time, can be seen below:

About his critics, the president tweeted:

He also elaborated on his new nickname for CNN:

CNN responds:

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